June 16, 2017: BLT’s, Cupcakes, Real Estate, Getting the Right Pasta


June 16, 2017: BLT’s, Cupcakes, Real Estate, Getting the Right Pasta

The BLT’s without bread were excellent.  The child is proving that that cupcakes cannot be eaten gracefully.  She seems not to care.

The wife made fantastic BLTs’ without the bread.  Leaves of romain lettuce, uncured bacon, and fresh tomatoes were featured (no bread). Tomatoes are the key: they need to taste reasonably like tomatoes and have moderate to high acid content.  Store tomatoes often have no flavor: they appear on restaurant sandwiches.  Money could be saved if those were simply replaced by cardboard soaked in red dye.  Appropriate cardboard could be acquired via raids of recycling centers.


Androp hates cupcakes because (1) they generally taste awful (sweet smeared on puffy, semi-sweet, tasteless foam), (2) the containers in which they are cooked are insanely hard to wash, take up too much room in storage, and are single-use tools, and (3) they are difficult to eat gracefully.  Children like them because adults give them to children as treats.  The fact that this tradition ever started is proof of poor brain function among all humans.  Think cookie.  Think brownie.  Think a granola bar.  Think a slice of cake. Think, even, a fruit!  An apple!  A pear!  A banana!  Any sort of sweet treat, and even fruit, is better than a cupcake.

Converstation during the ride was great.  The local dive bar was smelly, including the interior itself and the clientel. 

The bike riding has been lovely in the Midwest this spring.  Favorable conditions found Androp out with young people on the trail recently.  The trip was highlighted by easy conversation during the ride.  The dive bar visited after the ride was stinky, smoky, stale-smelling, and filled with iffy characters.  Individual pizzas from a toaster oven and horrible beer were consumed.  Bike trail towns have few options.

The local relator was surly, and had an assortment of trailers advertised for sale.

The local relator looked surly, and had only old (though sometimes elaborately modified) trailer houses for sale.


Here’s what happens when one spouse sends another one shopping in the modern age:  Pictures are taken of items on the list.  Is this the right thing?  Is this the right size?  What did people do in the olden days?

Pasta is confusing: is this box big enough?  Are these shells small enough?

Probably more food was wasted, and more spouses were disappointed.



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