May 16, 2017: Floods, Fun, and Birds

 May 16, 2017: Floods, Fun, and Birds

The bike trail runs through the underpass on the left, then out through the lake behind the girl.  It was not passable in this photo.

Androp has been busy and happy about it, so this blog has suffered.  A flood that was widespread across the Midwest and Southeastern USA impacted bicycle riding in a negative way.  The local rails-to-trails bike path was flooded and washed out.

Bike falls from loose gravel can result in broken wrists (illustrated on left).

Within 10 days, County workers had the trail passable, though still a little dangerous due to loose gravel.

A trip to Texas resulted in some scribbling on a dry erase board, and more important, viewing of a Red-cockaded Woodpecker during one afternoon field trip.  The bird is rare and endangered.

The doodles are the result of a day’s meeting in Texas.  A Red-cockaded Woodpecker was seen during an afternoon field trip.

The doodles are not uncommon.

Fun on the cul-de-sac has been rampant with the temperatures pleasant and bugs not too numerous.  The grandchildren and youngest child displayed themselves on a Nissan Sentra while they at push-pops.

Photodocumentation of ideal use of a Nissan Sentra on a nice spring afternoon.

The volume of push-pops that can be consumed by children while they play outside is startling.  Numbers range from several to a crap load, with a bunch being average.

Finally, the Spring Migratory Bird Count resulted in 78 species seen or heard on a 6 mile slow walk over 5.5 hours, plus 14 miles in an auto.

Two of 78 species seen during the Spring Migratory Bird Count.

The counts are done in a systematic way by block.  Otherwise, more birds would have been seen, because wetlands would have been visited.  The route taken had no wetlands.  Nobody is too gawddamned bitter about it though, just because they were not given a good block whereas other people were.