April 3, 2017: Green Chile, Frogs, Morel Mushrooms, the Grinch


April 3, 2017: Green Chile, Frogs, Morel Mushrooms, the Grinch

The culinary note involves New Mexico green chile: this is the most delicious member of the “hot” class of taste elements needed for cooking (recall that the needed elements are salt, fat and sweet, and sometimes hot and tart; see November 20, 2016 blog entry).  The taste and fragrance of roasted New Mexico green chiles is indescribably inspirational: truly sublime.

Roasted Hatch New Mexico green chiles are the best “hot” taste on earth. Perfect for making dishes likg migas (lower right inset).

Roasted chiles that retain the terroir of the Hatch Valley in New Mexico can only be purchased fresh or frozen in the late summer.  Google Hatch green chile.  Get the Big Jim variety (medium hot), or the Joe Parker (medium).  The Anaheim chile, commonly available in grocery stores, is a Hatch chile from which all the fragrance and flavor has been sucked out and eradicated: horrifying.  Canned Hatch chiles are made from material that is scraped off the floor (then canned and sold to the ignorant) after good chiles are roasted (and sold to the enlightened).

Bike parking areas were busy on a 60 F afternoon.  Morel mushrooms are out (lower left), and southern leopard frogs are singing (lower right)

In biking and nature notes, a somewhat windy afternoon ride was highlighted by southern leopard frogs singing (in addition to Western Chorus Frogs) and Morel mushrooms seen on the trail side.  The Morel hunters will be out in full force by next week-end gathering these prized mushrooms.  They are often covered in flour and fried in butter.  The Bald Eagle nest next on the trail was occupied by a mature adult sitting on the nest.  The trail was busy, with afternoon temperatures hovering around 60 F and winds to about 12 mph.

A Grinch-themed birthday party was successful.

Two Grinch-themed birthday parties ensued for the middle grandchild: the local cheer gym was a venue one day, and a family-only party followed the next day.  Androp’s wife and daughter require that each grandchild/child have at least two birthday parties each year: a big one with friends and a smaller one with family.  This practice probably is not common, but we do what we do.

Children and adults both enjoyed the Cheer Gym

Elaborate plans and execution apparently are required to mark annual time monuments.  Humans are a strange species.

One final note on politics: the titanic failure of he who must not be named to pass a health care law seems to bode poorly for his overall plot to turn the USA into an authoritarian government with him and his kinfolk in charge.  This good news has at least temporarily eased Androp’s ongoing anxiety.



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