December 29, 2016: Christmas – Caution, Androp Gerard is Scrooge

December 29, 2016: Christmas: Caution, Androp Gerard is Scrooge

slide1Christmas, 2016, is past.  Androp Gerard has already progressed to trepidation about the impending Christmas 2017.  Here’s the reality: in the USA, many tend to want more than they can possibly get at Christmas, in every way.  Disconnection from expectations rooted in reality is widespread.  Acute, pervasive, near-insanity is the outcome.


dec-29-2016The progression of the seasons can be marked by Nature’s schedule: nobody knows the date of the first blooming daffodil of the spring, first singing Cicada of the summer, or first returning White-crowned Sparrow of the fall.  None of these come with unrealistic expectations of personal fulfillment and family bliss.  Maybe that is why they are delightful, even joyful.

Christmas is just the opposite: too much is planned and too much is expected.



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