December 22, 2016: Exercise is Meditation; The Days Should Get Longer

December 22, 2016: Exercise is Meditation; The Days Should Get Longer

Androp Gerard is an animal when it comes to exercise.  His nickname is Spanish is “El Animal.”  That means “The Animal.”dec-22

Exercise summary for calendar year 2016 (almost done): a total of 270 days (73.97%) included some aerobic exercise.  A typical gym routine includes 15 minutes of weight lifting followed by 50 minutes of aerobics.  A typical bike ride takes 1 hour, 40 minutes to 2 hours, 25 minutes.  This seems similar to training for an Iron Man competition.  For the record, Androp Gerard will not be participating in any Iron Man competitions.  For one thing, he cannot swim.  More on that later.

Mental health is improved via aerobic exercise.  Reasons may vary among individuals, but for Androp Gerard the reason seems simple:  repetitive motion is like meditation.  “Mindfulness” is a different word for the same concept.

Androp Gerard asserts that aerobic exercise improves mental health.

Anything that causes the brain to pay attention to what it is doing now, rather than what it did earlier or what it will do later or what some other human did or will do serves as meditation.  Exercise makes a human breathe deeply, which also has a positive physical impact.  It seems like breathing deeply while reading, watching T.V., or playing a video game would have similar benefits.  Anyone who would rather sit cross-legged with their fingers making little “O’s” on their knees and hum is welcome to try that.  The position is uncomfortable for Androp Gerard.

The concept of mindfulness does not obviate the need to plan ahead or to contemplate social situations.  However, doing these things continuously will increase anxiety.  Mindfulness just gives the brain a rest that seems different from sleeping, somehow.

dec-22-goatFinally, a note on the days getting shorter: reduced day length has been keenly charted over the past several weeks.  Little dogs, for example, end up piddling in the dark rather than in the light during morning walks.

Per recommendations in the Old Testament of the Christian Bible, Androp Gerard sacrificed an unblemished goat to god on December 21.  The back deck was a surrogate alter.  Holy water (Androp Gerard swore curses at the water in god’s name to sanctify it) was sprinkled on the spot of the sacrifice.  The days should get longer now.  God is appeased.  The goat was actually just verbally berated for 5 solid minutes.  She seemed thoroughly chastened.  That should work.  We will know by this evening.


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