December 15, 2016: Costa Rica & Australia Travel Comments; Humans Do Not Benefit from a Sunny Disposition

December 15, 2016: Costa Rica & Australia Travel Comments; Humans Do Not Benefit from a Sunny Disposition

Androp Gerard, the wife, and another couple traveled to Costa Rica in January and Australia in July this past year.  Even though travel logs are profoundly dull and tedious, these trips will now be briefly documented with non-annotated comments.

Androp Gerard does not need to see many pictures of other people pretending to have fun on Facebook.  Pictures of people jumping are entirely repulsive.

First, an observation on selfies of people pretending to have fun on Facebook: those types of snapshots were born tiresome, and can get irritating quickly.  Hint: your friends know your life is not one profoundly jubilant moment after another.  Stop bragging on Facebook.  Get a real life.

This leads to a comment on human disposition: brains evolved to keep us alive and ensure reproduction.  A naturally sunny disposition probably does not help in this regard.  A moderately glum affect does not hurt.  Androp Gerard advises humans who are not generally about-to-pee-your-pants joyful from minute to minute to stop worrying.

Persistence and resilience are certainly adaptive to a point.  These qualities seem not to be tightly linked with disposition.  Glum people seem to carry on the same as sunny people.  Overly positive people may risk over-estimating their ability:

“A man’s GOT to know his limitations.” – Harry Callahan, Magnum Force, said through clenched teeth just after he blew up the bad guy.

Birding and other general nature watching were Androp Gerard’s primary objectives during the Costa Rica and Australia trips.  The following comments apply:

Two couples toured Costa Rica (January) and Australia (July) in 2016.  Coffee beans can be picked in Costa Rica.  Cold winds blow off the Southern Ocean in July on the SE Australian Coast.
  1. Costa Rica is easier to reach than Australia, and is set up for nature tourism. That country is recommended.  If going to Australia, you need a month, at least.  Recovery from jet lag (circadian dysthythmia) is harder than can be expressed via words forming sentences.
  2. Androp Gerard takes guided nature tours. For anyone with any level of anxiety, this is recommended.
  3. In Costa Rica, Monte Verde (cloud forest) and Tortuguero (rainforest) are must-see. Arenal volcano has large, posh resorts.  Carara park and the Tarcoles river are where people go to see crocodiles.
  4. In Australia, the Daintree Rainforest and Great Barrier Reef are both World Heritage Sites, and share a common border along the NE Australian border, N of Port Douglas. Do not miss those.  The Great Ocean Road SW of Melbourne is worth a look.

Finally, a note on politics: Androp Gerard is avoiding this subject for the most part, as a coping mechanism.  The objective realities in this arena could not be more grim.  As an index, note that at least one member of the electoral college from Texas has stated he will not vote for Trump.  A movement to convince 36 others to not vote Trump has emerged.  If a good number of leading Republicans would come out in favor of this movement, it could succeed.  But that will not happen, even if the orange anus shot someone in the face on 5th Ave. in NYC.


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