December 5, 2016: Sporks, Laundry, Why People Are Poor

December 5, 2016: Sporks, Laundry, Why People Are Poor

The pears and chili pictured can both be eaten with the green spork.

In culinary comments: the most versatile utensil is the spork.  Armed with a spork, a knife (see November 20 Journal entry), a cup, and hands, any food can be eaten.  Titanium is the optimal spork-compliant material, but even plastic will do.

Under laundry: recall that Anrdop Gerard suggests that no drier is needed (see November 20 Journal entry).  Laundry has been sorted into piles for cleaning mainly by him for decades.  He still has no real grasp of this task.  Here is an exchange from this past week-end:

Two shirts on a brown background: one is a light and the other is a light-dark for purposes of laundry.

Me, picking up an article of dirty laundry, “Lights pile?”

The wife, “Yes.”

Me, next article, so on, until, next article “Darks pile?”

Her, “Light-darks.”

Me, “What?”

Her, “Light-darks.  There is a light-darks and a dark-darks pile.”

Me, “I have been doing this for 30 years, and never have had a light-darks pile.  You are just messing with me.”

Her, “No.”

Me, “Geezus.  Wait, what about brights?  When I first started this, there was a brights pile, right?”

Her, ** silence **

Me, “Am I right?  There used to be a brights pile, right?”

Her, “I keep trying new ways to explain it.”

Me, ** pause, pondering ** “Because I am that stupid?  Is it like trying to train a monkey to do calculus?”

Her, **pause** “Basically right.”

Me, ***stare into space***

Her, “It is all about bleeding.” **pause** begins to speak, stops.

Me, next article, “Light-darks?”

Her, “No.  That is a light.”

Me, shakes head, left to right **stare into space**  then softly, “Jesus Christ.”

Finally, under why people are poor: this is the wrong question.  Some people are just not as able as others (intellectually, emotionally, etc.).  Some have a combination of inability and circumstance that is unfortunate for them.

Here is the right question: what do the less able humans deserve?  Humans in whom empathy is stronger than selfishness say the less able deserve a reasonable share of the pie.  Humans who are more selfish than empathetic say the less able deserve almost nothing.  In the USA, the former group are called “Democrats” whereas the latter group are called “Republicans.”  Ironically, among white people, more of the less able are Republicans than are Democrats.

Final note on Androp Gerard’s typical “not much happened” week-end, the following occurred Saturday:

  1. Gym
  2. Grocery shopping
  3. Climbing in attic to get down Christmas tree, etc. – without injury
  4. Putting up decorations inside and outside
  5. Making dinner for the wife and younger child: steak and potatoes.

Then on Sunday:

  1. Additional grocery shopping for extended family.
  2. Shopping for a light-activated timer for the outside lights.
  3. Making chili, from dried beans. Salt, sweet (brown sugar), tart (apple cider vinegar), and hot (New Mexico green chilis) were added.
  4. Making cinnamon bread from scratch (use basic challah recipe from Betty Crocker; add 25% more of everything so loaves are bigger. Note: Algebra is used in real life).  This was eaten warm, with a lot of butter – hence fat was added, as well as salt and sweet.slide3
  5. Meal and dishes followed by interactions among 8 humans, three under 7 years of age, in a space of approximately 800 square feet. For those who have never done this: imagine being on an elevator with a brass band.  That would be about half as chaotic.  Imagine the brass band is a stirred-up hive of hornets.  That would be twice as chaotic.  PS: always kill any flying insect that may sting you.  More on this later.



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