December 1, 2016: Locker Room Talk

December 1, 2016: Locker Room Talk

Here is something that has bothered me: Trump’s talk about crotch grabbing and trying to have sex with a married woman was dismissed as “locker room talk” during the campaign.  The notion was that “all men talk like that.”

That notion is total bullshit. Rational humans know it.

Androp goes to the gym four to six days a week when he is ‘on routine’ and around town.  This has occurred for more than 15 years.  Here are examples of ‘gym talk’ and ‘locker room talk:’

Locker room talk and gym talk is small talk.  Often slightly morbid, if you are an old guy, like Androp Gerard

Me, “Good job.  You got here.”

Him, “Ya. One. More. Day.”

Many variations occur on this theme.

Or, him, pointing at me, “That is a stud right there.”

Me, “Oh ya. True fact.”

Him, talking to the person next to me, “He looks good for a 90 year old man does he not?”

Many variations occur on this theme, too.

Or, me, to a person sitting on a weight machine, “You cannot go to sleep.”

Him, “What? … –pause–… Hey, where is the server?”

Me, “What?”

Him, “I have been sitting here 20 minutes, and nobody has even asked me if I want coffee.  How do you get service around here?”

Or, him, “Add some more weight to that.”

Me, “I do not want to break the machine.”

Him, “Oh right.  Those machines are not made for men like you.”

Being too strong for the machines is a recurring theme.

Or me, “Hey, watch me get on this step machine. I want to be the oldest guy ever to use this and not die of a heart attack.”

Him, “What? Oh no way, I already have the record.”

Or him, “Well, they are going to have to operate on my — insert troublesome body part —”

Me, “Ya?  Not good.”

Him, “Yessir. I am up for a full body transplant.”

Me, “Maybe brain.  Brain transplant.”

Him, “Right.”

Injuries are a recurring theme.  Hips, knees, shoulders, and backs are discussed in approximately equal proportions.

Him, “Hey.  We have not seen you for a couple of days.”

Me, “Ya. I went to Australia for a month.”

Him, “Oh. Good deal.  Hope you had fun.  We thought you were dead.”

Whenever anyone is gone from the routine, the regulars suggest they thought the missing person might be dead.

So here is the point: nobody at the gym or in the locker room talks about grabbing crotches or having sex with married women.  That never happens.

Trump is not excused for being a vulgar misogynist because he is ‘just like all other guys.’  He is not.


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