November 28, 2016: Why Thanksgiving is My Favorite Major Holiday

November 28, 2016: Why Thanksgiving is My Favorite Major Holiday

Thanksgiving is my favorite major holiday mainly because (1) it is (or can often be) more or less non-religious, and (2) it is not that explicitly commercialized.  Retailers try to sell merchandise for Christmas on and after Thanksgiving, but not so much for Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving to me is basically a pagan-style ritualistic gorging, which I strongly favor.  Plus, it is always on the same day of the week, and it always necessitates a four-day week-end, at least.

Thanksgiving is relatively non-religious and non-commercialized.  Plus, it involves ritualized gorging.

It was great to see everyone although I seldom know what is going on.  Here is a typical conversation:

Me, walking into a room after drowsing in a recliner for an unspecified period of time: “….—listen briefly then make attempt at some relevant comment—-  …”

Them: silent tipping of chins toward chests in a universal sign of disapproval.

My interpretation: “…Donny, you have no frame of reference here ….” (quote from Walter to Donny in The Big Lebowski.

Me: move away slowly, in silence, with an abundance of caution.

A chef’s knife should be 8″ unless your hands are tiny, and should not cost less than $80.  The steel should not be too hard.  Never touch someone else’s chef’s knife without permission.

One down side to Thanksgiving: other people wander into, and use, Androp Gerard’s kitchen.  Grave anxiety results from these invasions.  Sometimes, someone will pick up his chef’s knife.  Hint: any chef’s knife costing less than $80 and with less than an 8 inch blade is not very useful.  Treat your chef’s knife well, and it will treat you well.  Do not get one with too hard of steel: they are too difficult to sharpen.  Wulsthof is a good brand, but many will do.  Some are right handed or left handed: avoid these (most of these are Japanese – they also tend to have steel that is too hard).

Never touch a chef’s knife without consulting with the owner first.  Just do not do it.  This is serious advice.

We had the meal on Sunday rather than Thursday and the wife and I went to a noon showing of Magical Beasts and Where to Find Them on Thanksgiving, which is highly recommended.  On Friday, three of us went to a college football game and had a deeply spiritual experience as our team came back from far behind to win.

Androp Gerard is a bicycle rider.  The Thanksgiving Day ride was pleasant.  First tip: males and females should use a nose-less saddle.

Under random facts about Androp Gerard: I am a bicycle rider.  I went on a typical rails-to-trails bike ride on Thanksgiving Day in the afternoon.  A Sharp-shinned Hawk flushed from tree to tree in front of me for about a kilometer.  I have recorded 1293.6 miles bicycling on 63 trips for calendar 2016.  When I do not ride, I go to the gym five or six days a week, and participate in 50 minutes of aerobic exercise, plus something less than 15 minutes of weight lifting.  Mental health outcomes are greatly improved via these activities.  A team of exercise physiologists and neurologists might know why, but that is no sure thing.  A great deal more will be written about bicycling in up-coming posts.

Under Politics, the big news seems to be the recount, and Trump’s claim that he would have won the popular vote if not for millions of illegals voting for Clinton.  Someone was asked about Trump’s strategy in making the claim.  Here’s the thing: Trump has no strategy beyond reacting like an 8 year old.  Analysts often talked about his “strategy” during the campaign.  Jesus H. Christ: he has no adult-compliant thoughts, just the childish schemes of a self-centered bully.  That, of itself, does not make him a dangerous person.  His election as POTUS is what makes him dangerous.


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